Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unit 7 Blog

I felt really confident this week. This is the first time I have ever done peer review and it was a great experience. I have never done them before because I was so scared that the person who was reviewing my work would make fun of me and my writing. After this week I realized that it is okay and in the end it is only going to benefit me as a student and also as a writer. The one huge shock I had during this whole writing process is that there is always ways to help you with your troubled areas. You can always find a way to make writing your thesis easier and not sit for hours trying to find a good thesis statement. I think that was my "ah ha" moment for the week. I can't wait to get started writing on my final draft =]

Monday, September 6, 2010

Unit 6 blog

I have to say these last six weeks for me have been very stressful. Between work school and my son it has been really rough. I think I really need to learn better time management and how to do things little by little instead of cramming everything together at one time. I procrastinate a lot and I will be the first to admit it and I feel now it is starting to catch up with me. Writing my draft for this unit was a little difficult because sometimes I have trouble translating what I am trying to say so that it make sense on paper. I learned a lot about obesity in children while I was writing my draft. Originally I wanted to write about obesity in general but I wanted to focus on childhood obesity since I have such a small child. I can say that before writing this paper I was unsure about obesity such as the causes etc. But not after researching I see that there is many more pressures other than food and that really opened my eyes. I really had a good time researching and understanding my topic more. I can't wait to see what type of feedback that I get to improve my ideas.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unit 5 blog

For me in the writing process I like to focus on mostly the pre-writing aspect. I focus on this the most because for me this is the most crucial time that I can get my ideas together and organize my main points and support them accurately.My academic challenges have to be organizing my ideas so that my audience stays interested in what I am writing. I have a difficult time finding the right things to say to keep my audiences' attention so that would definitely be my most hardest challenge that I would have to face. School is having a huge impact on my life right now because I am working right now plus I have a ten month old son that I take care of so my life is really busy. In the long run I know it will only be beneficial to me that I go through all this on a daily basis. You appreciate your journey much more if you overcome obstacles along the way.