Monday, September 6, 2010

Unit 6 blog

I have to say these last six weeks for me have been very stressful. Between work school and my son it has been really rough. I think I really need to learn better time management and how to do things little by little instead of cramming everything together at one time. I procrastinate a lot and I will be the first to admit it and I feel now it is starting to catch up with me. Writing my draft for this unit was a little difficult because sometimes I have trouble translating what I am trying to say so that it make sense on paper. I learned a lot about obesity in children while I was writing my draft. Originally I wanted to write about obesity in general but I wanted to focus on childhood obesity since I have such a small child. I can say that before writing this paper I was unsure about obesity such as the causes etc. But not after researching I see that there is many more pressures other than food and that really opened my eyes. I really had a good time researching and understanding my topic more. I can't wait to see what type of feedback that I get to improve my ideas.

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  1. Brooke - out of the head and onto the paper can be quite a challenge. I'm glad you are enjoying it, though.